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Why Should YOU Buy From 30 West?

A Tradition of Used Car Honesty

Honesty and integrity is the reason we’re still here today.
Your Warsaw friends and neighbors have trusted 30 West Auto Sales & Service for the best used car deals for more than 40 years. Unlike those hit-and-miss car lots that appear and disappear on weedy corner lots, 30 West has been in the same location for decades, building a reputation for honesty, fair pricing, and service after the sale.

30 West Auto Sales & Service is a respected member of the Warsaw area business community. We didn’t get there by slapping inflated prices on junkers. From the very beginning we’ve selected quality used cars that we can sell at the most reasonable prices. We like to think the cars we select to sell on our lot literally sell themselves in regards to quality and serviceability.

We’re understandably proud of our longevity in the Warsaw automotive business. We’d like to think our honesty and integrity is the reason we’re still here today. Generations of Warsaw and Kosciusko County families have trusted us here at 30 West for their used car and auto service needs. Why, today we’re still getting kids with fresh driver’s licenses in here with their parents to buy their first cars — the kids who are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the folks who bought THEIR first cars from our dad over the years. Buying used from 30 West isn’t just the most practical option in these parts; it’s Warsaw tradition.

Best of all, you know you’re going to get a great deal at 30 West. We’ve invested our reputation in that. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll find exactly what you need at 30 West that we offer Buy Here Pay Here in-house financing with ZERO PERCENT interest. That’s right: ZERO PERCENT interest! Weekly or monthly payments, we’ll make sure you get the ride you need at a price you can afford. Our customers have kept us in business all these years, so we do what we can to keep our customers in quality vehicles.

Our reputation for quality and service precedes us. Just ask around. Generations of satisfied Warsaw car buyers have found exactly what they need at 30 West Auto Sales & Service.

Visit 30 West today for the BEST pre-owned car sales and auto repair service.


About 30 West

30 West Auto Sales & Service, Inc. has been a part of the Warsaw, Indiana, automotive scene for over 60 years. You don’t last that long in the used car business unless you have an upfront reputation for honesty and integrity. You know you’re going to get a fair deal at 30 West.

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